Meet The Reaper Lords, A GTA Online Biker Gang

In the Sun-Soaked city of Los Santos, there is a large and dangerous biker gang. Known as the Reaper Lords, they cruise around the city and surrounding countryside doing whatever they want to do. Kill cops, attack rival gangs,robbing convenience stores  and countless other crimes. The Reaper Lords do it all. And if they die doing it they don’t worry. They have a saying “Reaper Lords until the Reaper calls.” To them it’s just part of being a Reaper Lord.


This might sound like a terrible and despicable gang, something no sane person would want to be a part of. But The Reaper Lords are not a real biker gang, they are a large group of gamers who have come together in GTA Online and created a digital Motorcycle Club, one that is filled with rules and ranks just like a real MC.

Founded in 2013 by xXLordKingGodXx, the gang started off small and focused around the Northern Area of the map, an area called Paleto Bay. As the gang grew they added new chapters, one located in Los Santos. Another group is for prospects, people wanting to join the Reaper Lords. These prospects must prove themselves and must follow strict rules if they wish to join the Reaper Lords.


These rules include “Salute immediately when you see a patched member.” A “Patched Member” is anyone who is actually a part of the Reaper Lords. Another rule for prospects is “Only speak when a patched member speaks to you”. Prospects must also where a specific outfit and ride specific motorcycles.  After you have proven yourself and shown that you are loyal the members will vote on allowing you to become a Reaper Lord.

Once you are a Reaper Lord you will participate in missions, meetings, hangouts and attacks on other gangs. The Reaper Lords have current allies and enemies with other GTA Online biker gangs. The Reaper Lords website specifies if they have a cease fire with these other gangs and where their territory is and the status of their relationship, if they are friendly or not. If a rival gang upsets the Reaper Lords, then the members will attack. If anyone, non gang member or gang member, attacks or angers a Reaper Lord the rest of the gang will have their back and kill the offender.

On the group’s website they have a video they created in the style of the History Channel show “Gangland”. The series looked at different gangs and their origins,history and members. The video on the group’s website includes members talking about the origins and rules of the Reaper Lords. It even has a gamer, I’m assuming is a member, dressed like and talking like a police detective. It’s fascinating to watch.

These GTA Online players have created something beyond just a online clan. Instead they have created a functional biker gang, with different chapters, rules and rivals. Some seem to take it seriously and at times it does start to feel a bit uncomfortable. They almost seem too dedicated to this whole thing. They sometimes seem like a gang, at least in the way they think and speak.


But for many  it seems like they are just trying to have fun. And fun to them is roleplaying as a member of a dangerous biker gang. Not my cup of tea, but still interesting to watch…from a distance.